While I agree with Mark on the use of Brené Brown’s work. I honestly only clicked the article because it was her name and because I love her, I wanted to know why you don’t like her anymore. Because people have different experiences so I was open to reading yours. I was disappointed to find that the article doesn’t really have much to do with your headline but I still read it because I adore teachers and I think y’all are short-changed the world over.

The closest experience I’ve had was being a volunteer Sunday-school teacher. Not the same but it allowed me to empathise with professional teachers and be more appreciative.

Someone said you can only give what you have and so self care must be prioritized for you to be able to show up for the kids in the way that serves them best. Y’all are superheroes, for what you do, but you are not teachers because you are superheroes. You are humans who also need TLC.

You raise a very necessary point but you might be losing readers who may need to be educated in this because they’ll click hoping to read something about Brené and find out it’s nothing to do with her. And they leave before they get the gist of the article.

But yeah, I stand with teachers all over in demanding better treatment; human treatment. Everyone needs to tap out to stay sane.

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