I am in love and as I read, part of me was like, “OMG! What does it feel like?” I’m already very self-conscious with pads but thank you for being so candid! I’ll need to figure out how to get them where I am… In Kenya. And yeah, period poverty is a real pain and especially here, in my country. I just got involved with it last year. Currently working with this one school in a slum area to fundraise for pads to donate. When you hear about teenage girls at times sleeping with older men just to get money to afford sanitary products, you understand just how privileged you are. That was a sobering find and what led me to become active in the space. So again, thank you for this! And it is a good thing that we are starting to have more options as women.

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Adoyo Molla

Adoyo Molla

writing through life | telling stories that will inspire, challenge and shift mindsets around relationships, self-mastery & personal finance.