First of all, hugs to you and your sister. Secondly, I believe in God, yes, I also believe people use the Bible to spread their own conspiracies as well but because they are quoting the Bible, albeit misinterpreting it, they think their opinion is more valid. So I just steer clear of both sides extremism. I am Kenyan and you will be amazed at how even the conversation of family planning is looked down upon here, mainly by the older generation. In some communities, you cannot even talk about it in public. Because of traditional beliefs. Way back one, the number of kids you had earned you (the man) respect. But also back then, we were not 7 billion and they could actually take care of their many children. Now, resources are few. I digress a bit but I have found we have been able to change some minds by showing them how fewer children will lead to a better quality of their own lives. Facts matter. Opinions are neither here nor there. Thirdly, you’ve made me appreciate my mama even more. Hugs and more hugs because a parent’s wounds run so deep. Thank you for sharing.

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Adoyo Molla

Adoyo Molla

writing through life | telling stories that will inspire, challenge and shift mindsets around relationships, self-mastery & personal finance.